现代公司做一切事情来取悦客户,现在他们已经被各种各样的必要和不必要的产品所破坏,也有机会在任何时间或地点购买不同的产品,可以通过任何形式的支付. 然而, 现在是前进的时候了, no one should raise eyebrows at the presence of site 和 mobile application. 这当然是, 这是在电子商务领域运营的公司的必备条件, whereby maintaining constant communication with the user has become one of the keys to success. 为了完全促进这种互动,并极大地减少所有可能妨碍公司全天候与客户保持联系的因素, 因为这个原因, 渐进式web应用(PWA)的概念已经被开发出来. So, 让巴黎人入口揭开这个令人难以置信的技术的本质,并解释它的明显优势如何同样成为一个明显的商业成功.




渐进式web应用程序(PWA)结合了网站的最佳功能和内置的移动应用程序. 在实践中, 这意味着用户和应用程序都可以访问这样的站点,最有趣的是,这并不需要Internet连接. 这样一个应用程序的安装过程是尽可能简单的,可以在浏览器中直接点击完成.

因此,回答什么是渐进式网络应用的问题? it can be said that this is a new technology for interacting with the target audience, 哪些需要用户付出最小的努力. 根据 统计数据, 大多数智能手机用户在一个月内不会下载任何应用程序,而ios和和roid上的谷歌进步网络应用程序可以立即安装, 支持自动更新, 在网站上工作也可以离线进行,并且能够接收推送通知,这使得使用该解决方案更加方便.


当然理论, 重要吗, 对于任何潜在客户来说,首先“接触”每一个解决方案并从内部理解其操作原理也是很重要的. To do this, let's look at the most successful progressive web app example. You've definitely heard about all of them 和 have used half of the sites at least several times. 这是 公司 已经实施了PWA 例子 在他们的业务流程中.



关键指标 that should be included in progressive web apps are reliability, speed, 和 attractiveness. 这就是pwa的含义. Let's see how developers provide their solutions with progressive web apps features.

服务人员. This technology is responsible for the speed of the application, even in a slow Internet connection. Being an intermediate layer between the front 和 back end of the application, 服务人员确保从浏览器平稳过渡. 实际上,这段代码是用javascript编写的.

HTTPS. All site resources are transmitted via this protocol, which means the reliability of data transfer.

应用程序壳. 这是一个虚拟的pwa应用程序外壳,在应用程序启动时加载,然后动态地从网络下载信息到它.

网络应用程序清单. This is a JSON file that sets the parameters of the application, its appearance, etc. This is how the indicator of pwa software attractiveness is implemented.

推送通知. 这项技术只有在PWA的帮助下才能找到它的应用,因此现在越来越多的网站为用户提供接收通知和渐进式web应用的支持.





然而, despite the 例子 of pwa above, progressive web apps are a relatively new technology. 尽管它也可以归因于好处. Most applications will still be developed for the App Store 和 Play Market.



在开发渐进应用程序时, 巴黎人入口继续了解这个解决方案将在所有操作系统上充分地工作. 一年多了, 巴黎人入口公司已经将渐进式应用程序作为开发中的标准,这让巴黎人入口对用户界面设计的原则有了更清晰的理解. 然而, there are difficulties that we have also successfully overcome.

1. 在项目开发之初, we work through the Data flow of the system 和 determine what data to cache 和 for how long. This is necessary not only for stable ope比n but also for saving user traffic. 还有必要了解的是,缓存或获取过多的数据会立即导致浏览器中标签页的下降,因为在每个操作系统中,为标签页分配的内存是有限的.


2. 在调试应用程序的阶段, 主要的陷阱是iOS和安卓操作系统施加了它们的限制,并以不同的方式解释对象.

因为巴黎人入口“亲身了解”在不断发展的web应用程序开发过程中会遇到的问题, 巴黎人入口通常用他们的帐户来开发每个元素, which further allows us to reduce the time 和 resources to solve these problems.





The user interface of the application can be individual; however, 当开发前端部分, we need to be as close as possible to the interface adopted on mobile devices. 在实践中, 这意味着布局应该几乎从头开始创建, 通常是基于材料设计. 因此, the cost of the project will be determined on the basis of:


目前,这个 进步的网络应用 电子商务 Segment是100个申请中的40个. 在实践中, 这意味着一个相当有前途的机会,以吸引最大限度的目标受众,并使其与您的公司的互动尽可能高效. 当然, 现在 we are just witnessing only the beginning of the introduction of these technologies into the business, 然而,它们的优势已经显而易见.

因此, 那些今天投资于渐进式网络应用的人,在未来将与他们的客户保持一致.



  1. 产品创意和业务专长.
  2. People come to our company to realize their idea of a mobile application, 网络资源或自动化业务流程. 巴黎人入口提供免费的商业专业知识, advise the client 和 finalize the ideological component of the project, 考虑到用户的需求.

  3. 项目评估及提案.
  4. 项目由开发团队进行评估. 在那之后, the client receives a preliminary commercial proposal for the development of the application.

  5. 原型设计.
  6. Underst和ing what the users expect from the application, we proceed to the prototyping process. A competently built interface is a guarantee that the user quickly navigates, 应用程序将如何帮助解决他的问题. You get an opportunity to look at the functionality of the future application without the software part.

  7. 产品设计.
  8. Draw the design of all screens 和 states of the elements of the application. We use the recommendations of Google 和 Apple to design the interface. 巴黎人入口构建易于理解和方便的图形解决方案. 你得到的设计会让你在竞争中脱颖而出.

  9. 待办事项和开发合同.
  10. Meeting with the product-hunter, discussing the details of the project. The development team builds backlog for the whole project together with the customer. After the approval of backlog, the contract on development is signed with the customer.

  11. 计划一个冲刺.
  12. An agreement with the customer on what development tasks will be performed on the nearest sprint.



  13. 回顾.
  14. Demonst比n to the customer, the results for 2 weeks of development. 开发团队分析风险和问题, 完成冲刺, 优化应用程序的进一步开发.

  15. 结果的伴随和实现.
  16. The difference between our work is that we not only create applications but also take them for promotion. 巴黎人入口的客户收到的是一家负责巴黎人登录官方网站所有阶段工作的公司:从第一个按钮到下载应用程序,并感谢用户的反馈.


巴黎人入口说说你的项目吧. 一切都从一个想法开始,让巴黎人入口把你的想法变成现实.

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